Eur > medicine & health > erasmus mc > thorax > cardiology > view article scopus: 63349088318 coronary artery bypass surgery compared with percutaneous coronary interventions for multivessel disease: a collaborative analysis of individual patient data from ten randomised trials hlatky, m. A. Boothroyd, d. B. Bravata, d. M. Boersma, h. Booth, j. Brooks, m. M. Carriã©, d. Clayton, t. viagra no prescription C. Danchin, n. generic viagra online Flather, m. Hamm, c. W. Hueb, w. A. Kã¤hler, j. Kelsey, s. F. King 3rd, s. B. viagra generic Kosinski, a. S. Lopes, n. Mcdonald, k. M. Rodriguez, a. buy viagra in us Serruys, p. W. J. C. Sigwart, u. Stables, r. dosage for liquid viagra H. Owens, d. K. Pocock, s. J. viagra can women use , et al. 2009-04-03 article the lancet volume 373, issue 9670 pp 1190-1197. Cardiology related files redirect to publisher's version (publisher's version. Url. Txt, 47 bytes) repository contains one additional file which is not publicly available background: coronary artery bypass graft (cabg) and percutaneous coronary intervention (pci) are alternative treatments for multivessel coronary disease. Although the procedures have been compared in several randomised trials, their long-term effects on mortality in key clinical subgroups are uncertain. We undertook a collaborative analysis of data from randomised trials to assess whether the effects of the procedures on mortality are modified by patient characteristics. Methods: we pooled individual patient data from ten randomised trials to compare the effectiveness of cabg with pci according to patients' baseline clinical characteristics. We used stratified, random effects cox proportional hazards models to test the effect on all-cause mortality of randomised treatment assignment and its interaction with clinical characteristics. All analyses were by intention to treat. Findings: ten participating trials provided data on 7812 patients. viagra can women use Pci was done with balloon angioplasty in six trials and with bare-metal stents in four trials. generic viagra without subscription Over a median follow-up of 5â·9 years (iqr 5â·0-10â·0), 575 (15%) of 3889 patients assigned to cabg died compared with 628 (16%) of 3923 patients assigned to pci (hazard ratio [hr] 0â·91, 95% ci 0â·82-1â·02; p=0â·12). In patients with diabetes (cabg, n=615; pci, n=618), mortality was substantially lower in the cabg group than in the pci group (hr 0â·70, 0â·56-0â·87); however, mortality was similar between groups i. viagra how long is it good for